YACHT STYLE & LUXUO, September 2018

When you book a charter with Dunia Baru it’s likely you’ll have adventure on your mind. It could be the allure of days spent sailing pristine archipelagoes, diving species-rich waters, or walking to the peak of a deserted island to take in the sunset. It’s the promise of a sense of space, a connection with nature, a time to indulge in the luxury of solitude.

When you’re sailing in Indonesia, it’s quite easy to imagine that you are heading into unexplored lands; discovering islands for the very first time. But did you know that it’s out here that some fascinating discoveries were made, some 150 years ago?

It was out in these waters that the great naturalist Alfred Russel Wallace pieced together his own theory of evolution – and sailing the same waters Wallace did can be a pretty sublime experience, particularly when sailing on a vessel as evocative as Dunia Baru. It’s a voyage travel writer Mark Eveleigh made with the superyacht, and he recorded the story of that journey – and the story of Wallace – for Yacht Style.

Like Wallace, we’d set sail from Ternate, the historic nutmeg island that once inspired a super-power race for the conquest of the Spice Islands. In an era when Victorian explorers and naturalists were taking to the trails with teams of porters and great loads of provisions, Wallace seemed to thrive on roughing it, often setting off into the jungle with little more than a change of clothes and a sleeping blanket.

He was over six feet tall and sometimes had to sleep with his feet sticking out of ramshackle jungle huts. He was frequently close to starvation and racked with fever and, at least once, was even reduced to sucking the insect-infested water out of pitcher plants. By contrast I was sailing in a state of luxury that would have impressed a Spice Island sultan of the era. Dunia Baru might have the timeless lines of the Bugis-style phinisi but she is every bit the superyacht: fitted with luxurious cabins and a full-beam master suite that would put a 5-star hotel to shame, and she boasts a level of haute-cuisine gastronomy that would have surpassed Wallace’s wildest fantasies during his years on fish and rice.

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