We know that preparing for a holiday (Superyacht Indonesia) can be a particularly busy period, so to make things a little easier for you we’ve put together a list of things you’re likely to need while onboard Dunia Baru:

> Activewear
> Swimwear
> Sarong
> Summer clothes
> Lightweight long-sleeve shirt for the evening

Days in Indonesia tend to be fairly hot and humid: the temperature averages at around 28 degrees Celcius (82 degrees Farenheit), with humidity sitting at about 80%. Night-time temperatures are a little cooler but still warm, and you may appreciate having a lightweight long-sleeve top to wear on deck in the evenings.

There is no dress code onboard Dunia Baru, but you might consider wearing something modest if you go into one of the island villages, which tend to be traditional and predominantly Muslim. For men, shorts and a T-shirt will be fine, while women may feel more comfortable if their shoulders are covered and are wearing something that is at least knee length (for example, yoga pants with a longer top; or a sarong wrapped around the waist or draped across the shoulders will also be fine).

Dunia Baru offers a laundry service and clothes left in the laundry bag provided will be washed, ironed and returned to your cabin the following morning. Please note that we do not have dry-cleaning facilities onboard.


> Flipflops
> Water-friendly walking shoes

You’ll be barefoot while onboard Dunia Baru, but will need suitable footwear for excursions to the islands. A pair of flipflops is perfect for beach days, and you’ll be pleased you packed multi-purpose walking shoes if you plan on taking in the view from the top of a hill (highly recommended) or if you’re going to walk in search of Komodo dragons. Depending on where the RIB takes you, you might need to get your feet (and shoes, if you’re wearing them) wet.


Sun protection
> Sun hat
> Sunglasses
> Swimwear
> Water-resistant sunscreen
> Rash vest (highly recommended to wear this when snorkelling)
> Long-sleeve shirt – for sun protection and to wear in the evenings

It’s likely you’ll spend a fair amount of time in one of Dunia Baru’s inflatable RIBs, getting to and from dive or snorkelling sites, beaches and villages. To be comfortable, it’s advisable you wear a hat that sits firmly on your head; having a cord for your sunglasses could be useful, too.


Other useful items
> Waterproof bag – for short trips out on the RIB
> Underwater housing for your camera
> Waterproof case for your phone
> Books

Please note that Dunia Baru has a full operational dive centre onboard, and so all equipment for snorkelling and diving is provided. Dunia Baru provides a range of standard sized equipement. Should you need a special size or special equipement, provide the information on the preferences form you will asked to fill up.

If you have any specific queries about what else to pack, please speak with your broker.


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