What is it that draws you to a destination? The level on luxury on offer? The watersports? The lure of having the holiday of a lifetime? The views? The potential for adventure, or to have time to chill? Space to let your hair down? An area rich in culture? Unparalleled service and attention to details?

Dunia Baru ticks all these boxes. The superyacht, handcrafted in Indonesia, is among the finest in the region and she’s known for always affording guests the holiday of a lifetime – time after time.

We’ve shared with you some of our guests’ impressions of the superyacht (superyacht Indonesia), and our social media feeds are packed with photos that show off the areas in which she sails as well as the beauty of the vessel. We’ve also told you about some of the experiences that our guests have had – from kayaking on a crater lake to swimming with manta rays, diving with turtles and walking with dragons.

Many of these experiences have happened because of the equipment Dunia Baru carries onboard. “My motto for charter is, he with the most toys wins,” Dunia Baru’s owner, Mark Robba, told Destination Macau recently – and it’s a philosophy that means our superyacht offers guests exceptional opportunities to create memories and adventures that’ll last a lifetime.

Onboard Dunia Baru has four RIBs, three stand-up paddleboards, three sea kayaks, a sunfish and two banana boats. Plus a fully equipped dive center. So many opportunities to get out and enjoy everything a charter holiday in South East Asia can offer. Speeding across the ocean on a SUP while being pulled by a RIB, then enjoying a cocktail onboard a private beach? Absolutely.


Dunia Baru will be sailing the Alor Archipelago
between April and September. The superyacht
is available through the year for charter in Myanmar,
Thailand and Indonesia. For information on the
destinations in which she sails, please click here.
To charter Dunia Baru, please speak to your broker.

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