One of the villages that Dunia Baru’s charter guests can visit is Wera, a small village on the island of Sumbawa. It’s a village known for the ikat cloth that the women produce here: a form of weaving that is practiced in various places around South East Asia. In Wera the fabrics are almost always woven with bright colors, and with thread that comes from a town called Bima. The looms they use are made from polished wood, and have a back rest built in which makes for more comfortable working, and also allows the fabric to be kept tight while the women are weaving. (Read more on how the cloth is produced, here.)

All of the girls in the Wera community are taught the craft of weaving, but it takes years for them to become as accomplished as the older women – and the cloths produced her are exquisite. They make for fantastic souvenirs, especially when you have met the women who produced them.

Dunia Baru stopped off at Wera again recently, and these images were taken by cruise director Chris Hamilton.

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