THE MONTH THAT WAS: October 2018

One of the highlights for Dunia Baru during October was the Raja Ampat Festival. We we were a sponsor of the festival and so, because the superyacht was on a five-week charter sailing from Bali to Raja Ampat, Dunia Baru’s operations manager, Javan Ward, flew into Sorong to represent Dunia Baru. This was Javan’s first trip to Raja (and it definitely won’t be his last!); here’s his report (and photographs) from the festival:

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The Raja Ampat Festival’s organizers have much to be proud of regarding their organization in bringing together an isolated region so diverse in culture and language. The festival was a colorful expression of the region’s cultural heritage, where the diversity among the West Papuan’s is astonishing.

As a festival-goer I spent five days onboard an economy-class long-distance passenger ship owned by Indonesia’s national shipping company, Pelni… an interesting experience, to say the least.  Traveling by Pelni is a local way of seeing the islands and exploring much of what Raja Ampat has to offer. We enjoyed daily tours to different places including Kofiau, Piaynemo, Misool and Balbulol, which were some of the most incredible sights along the journey. Each place had easy to access reefs directly off jetties or from speedboats that transported us to the different locations during the day.

The sheer beauty of Raja Ampat’s natural landscapes and marine biodiversity is second to none in the world, and Raja Ampat is recognized as having the most biodiverse marine ecosystems on earth. Dunia Baru spends almost half of the year sailing here – our guests are fortunate enough to enjoy an area enriched with culture and natural beauty – and so we have a responsibility to support this area. We are very proud of the learning center that we are currently building, just as we are proud to sponsor this festival. To be able to support the preservation of the environment and the cultural heritage in this area is of absolute importance to our legacy.

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