DUNIA BARU AUGUST 2018: Report by cruise director Clive White


August was an action-packed month for Dunia Baru. From exploring the remotest corners of Komodo National Park to walking with dragons, snorkeling with stingrays, enjoying Wagyu beef at a moonlit dinner and lending a hand to those in need, there was never a dull moment for guests and crew of Dunia Baru.


Waterfall walks and dinner by moonlight


Dunia Baru spent some time in August with charter guests in the north-east of Komodo National Park. Here there is a rocky outcrop made up of volcanic pebbles – quite different from the other islands we visit – which was interesting to explore. Our charter guests were really keen on trekking and this part of the park is ideal for spectacular hikes and exploring on foot. We woke early one morning to walk on Rinca, and guests were treated to up-close-and-personal sightings of Komodo dragons, including a female who was constructing a nest. On another occasion, we led guests on a trek to a sublime waterfall on Moyo island, where the water is a breathtaking opaque turquoise in color. Words can’t express what a delight this place is to explore– I have no doubt memories of swimming in the pools of this cascading waterfall will likely stay with guests for years to come.

Komodo is an oceanic playground and so water activities played a big part of this charter. Some of the guests even got started on their diving certification. We did some drift dives along a beautiful coral reef, where we drifted past  turtles and stingrays effortlessly. The guests also took the kayaks out, tracing the coastline and even exploring a crater lake inland. Of course, there were many hours of snorkeling, too.

All the activity was balanced with some wonderful relaxation and Dunia Baru was usually positioned to watch the sun set and rise. The sky always puts on a show. On a particularly memorable evening the guests settled to a moonlight dinner of delicious crab cakes and Wagyu beef.


Exploring distant corners of Komodo National Park


The guests on our next charter wanted to visit the more secluded parts of the vast Komodo National Park. This gave us the opportunity to visit Banta island, a truly beautiful bay with some pristine reefs, where guests saw turtles and manta rays on their dives.

For some exceptional snorkeling, we set sail for the western tip of Komodo island. There is an abundance of coral here at just 3 meters so everyone, even non-divers, could marvel at the colorful reef life.  Our guests enjoyed paddleboarding here too, and took the RIB out for a tour and sunset drinks. One evening, we took guests on a hike to the top of a peak on Padar island for panoramic views and champagne as the sun set below the horizon, before indulging in a beach barbecue dinner of tender steak and king prawns.

There are many opportunities for trekking and wildlife spotting within Komodo park and we were lucky to see monitor lizards, buffaloes and dragons on our adventures. On one morning RIB cruise, two Komodo dragons slipped from the beach into the water and swam towards us… thankfully our diligent RIB captain backed off into the deeper water. What a memorable way to spend the morning!


Relief mission to Lombok


When this second charter was over we were due to head back to Bali for schedule maintenance – but the superyacht’s owner had different plans. By now the extent of the devastation that the earthquake had caused on Lombok was becoming apparent, and Dunia Baru’s owner, Mark Robba, decided to put the maintenance on hold and instead contribute towards the relief effort on Lombok.


To continue reading about Dunia Baru’s relief effort on Lombok, please click here.

relief aid to Lombok earthquake
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