From the moment you book your charter with Dunia Baru, our team works diligently to make sure that your holiday with us exceeds all expectations. We want to ensure that you are as comfortable as possible, and to tailor our service and offerings to suit your needs, tastes and preferences – and that’s why, when you book a charter with Dunia Baru, we’ll ask you to complete a preference sheet.

Overlooked but absolutely vital to ensuring that a charter is entirely customised to you, preference sheets are a key part of our preparations for your charter. It may seem like a nuisance to fill in this questionnaire, but taking the time to complete it can help take your charter to the next level. From dietary requirements to drinks preferences and music taste, the information on a preference sheet will enable the crew to tailor a charter completely.

The backbone of any good charter is food. Certainly on board Dunia Baru, where the open family-style galley and our world-class chef enable food to be a real focus, mealtimes can become a daily highlight. The focus of most preference sheets is dietary requirements and requests; being honest about what you love and what you dislike, allergies, specific diets and particular culinary and brand preferences will mean that the crew can prepare as best as they can for your charter.

The beautifully remote areas that Dunia Baru cruises in means that you can enjoy your morning latte and handmade evening canapés in complete peace, the only yacht (and traveller!) for miles. But it also means that if you suddenly remember once the charter is underway that you are a vegan or really love nothing more than caviar on toast with a glass of wine, it can be tricky to cater to your wishes. Letting us know ahead of time means that your soya latte or caviar on toast will be there when you feel like them.

Food aside, preference sheets are also a chance for you to provide us with other details that will help Dunia Baru‘s conscientious crew make your charter even more special. Everything from what music you like to listen to at breakfast or your favourite songs to hear as you watch the sun go down, to the magazines you enjoy reading, activities you love (or don’t) and even if you have any allergies to detergents or soap.

The earlier you can fill your preference sheet in and give to your broker, the better – and the crew on Dunia Baru will go the extra mile to try and accommodate every wish. A charter onboard a superyacht should be the pinnacle of luxury and bespoke service. Indeed, a charter on board Dunia Baru, with its breathtaking cruising grounds and next-level service, is an entirely unique – and often life-changing – experience. A complete and detailed preference sheet means that our crew can go above and beyond the call of duty during the charter, making you feel more than at home on board while you sail through a new world.

If you’d like to charter Dunia Baru,
please speak with your broker.

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