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A few months back Dunia Baru guests saw this strange-looking lobster-fish while they were exploring the underwater world around Moyo, a small island off the north coast of Sumatra. No-one had seen anything like it before, nor did they have absolutely any idea what it was.

Well, it turns out that creature has a name: Satyrichthys welchirobust, or robust armored gurnard.

Even though we now know its name, we’ve not been able to find much information on the fish. It’s a deepwater fish (usually found on the continental shelf or slope at a depth of between 80 and 228 metres), grows to a maximum length of 50 centimeters and can be found in the waters of the western Pacific, around Japan, South China Sea, Philippines, Indonesia and Australia.

To get an all-round view of the strange fish, see this video:

 We came across the name when a story turned up last week on Theoriginal article (which calls the fish an armored sea robin) is written in Indonesian, so here’s a quick translation of the story:

Fish found by fishermen in the Banda Sea was not as mysterious as alleged. The type abundant in the waters of Indonesia and the world.
As reported by on Monday (9/28/2015), the fishing villagers of Kampung Baru, District Banda, catch a fish mysteriously while looking for fish in the waters of Pulau Pisang.

The fish is orange, prickly, scaly hard, and berpenampakan unique. The fish was similar to a shark, but no teeth, had six fins, big mouth and a goatee, and have tails that are similar to the tail of a crocodile or stingray.

“Beta (I) was surprised to catch fish because the fish’s face it like a fighter, while the body like a shark and a tail like a crocodile,” said La Erna, fishermen who catch the fish.
Contacted on Tuesday (09/29/2015), researchers sea fish from Indonesian Institute of Sciences, Fahmi, said that the fish is already known.

Fahmi said the fish into the category Peristediidae. “The main characteristic of crustaceans, the main part of the muzzle there is a kind of rostrum forward like horns, in the jaw there is a sort of fringe,” he said.

In general, the fish known as armored searobin. The minister said there has been no local term for the fish because it is rarely caught fishing.
Although the class is unknown fish, type of fish is still difficult to ascertain. “For the species level must be calculated first dorsal fin spines, the number of scales, and others,” said Fahmi.
There are many types of armored searobin in Indonesia. One is a robust armored searobin (Satyrichthys welchi). The types are common in central and eastern waters of Indonesia and Australia.

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