What does it take to build a superyacht? Not just any superyacht, but one that combines tradition with the ultimate in luxury and technology; a superyacht that is more beautiful when experienced in reality than even the most talented photographer could capture; a superyacht that will, quite literally, take your breath away?

The April issue of ShowBoats International has a four-page feature that will give you these answers: apart from being able to finance the build, it takes strength of conviction, patience, character and sheer determination. The feature, beautifully written by Tim Thomas, is the story of how Dunia Baru came about. It’s a focus on the super yacht’s owner, Mark Robba, and tells the story of how he came to be a sailor, and create what is undeniably the finest yacht ever built in Indonesia.

“I’ve always tried to instil in my family that you should never take a vacation,” Mark Robba is quoted in the feature. “You can sit by a swimming pool and it’s just kind of boring. Really, what we always want is adventure, and the way I define it would be when you did something where you experienced all the emotions, not just joy, happiness and excitement but also feelings of discomfort and frustration. But once you’ve done it, you have a feeling of accomplishment.”

This magazine feature truly captures just that: the adventure that was the creation of Dunia Baru. Thank you, Tim and ShowBoats International.

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