You just need to take one glance at Dunia Baru to understand that the superyacht exudes a sense of adventure. Her sleek lines and dramatic sails are reminiscent of days gone by, when so many parts of the planet were still unexplored… the days when the great naturalists Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace were discovering and documenting new species almost daily.

This year marks 150 years since Alfred Russel Wallace’s classic book, The Malay Archipelago, was published. Significant parts of the book were written in the regions where Dunia Baru sails, and the photo feature published in Private Editions is a nod to that book, to the superyacht and to a region that today is almost as it was 150 years ago.

“I’d boarded the ship just a couple of days earlier on Ternate. When Wallace established his base on the island in 1858 it was a phenomenally wealthy spice island boomtown but today it is little more than a sleepy Indonesian port wrapped around the foot of a towering volcano. Even so, it was the most romantic setting imaginable for the beginning of a voyage on Dunia Baru, Indonesia’s most luxurious traditional-style superyacht. As soon as we were aboard, the ship’s 18-strong crew weighed anchor and within a few minutes we were toasting our voyage with chilled champagne under a crimson sunset.”

You can read the full feature here: Private Edition issue 43

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