Indonesia coastline in Raja Ampat


Picture, for a moment, a map of the world. Now, on that map, which three countries would you say have the longest coastline?


If you name Canada, you’re correct. Canada tops the list – its 202,080km-long coastline is almost four times as long country number two.


The USA? Nope – the States sits ninth on the list of countries with the longest coastline, measuring 19,924km.


India? At 7,000km India scrapes in at 20th on a list of the countries with the longest coastlines.


Australia? That’s at seven, with 25,760km of coastline.


Norway? Negative – Norway’s coastline is only slightly shorter than Australia.


Greenland? That sits third – 44,087km.


So, what’s second? Indonesia. Uh-huh. Indonesia is the country with the second-longest coastline in the world: 54,746km. (To see the top 20 take a look here.)


How such a precise figure has been calculated isn’t clear (although what is clear is that no-one is entirely sure how many islands there are in Indonesia) but, if you were to unravel all those kilometers and string them end to end around the world at the equator, they would wrap around the planet once and then again by a third. That’s more than 13 times the distance from San Francisco to New York City, or almost 10 times the distance from New York City to London.


That’s a lot of coastline. It also means a lot of coral reefs, exquisite beaches and hidden bays to explore… and we know some real gems. The Dunia Baru team specialises in creating tailored itineraries for our guests so if there’s something you’d like to experience or somewhere you’d like to explore, drop us a line or get in touch with your broker. We’ll put together what we’re certain will be the journey of a lifetime along some of the most spectacular coastlines on the planet.

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