If you like to holiday in places where the sea temperature is beautifully tepid, here’s an image that could help you decide where to go. It’s taken from the website for theSpace Science and Engineering Center at the University of Wisconsin-Madison,  where sea surface temperatures are recorded each day. The pic you see above was the sea temperature yesterday, on 28 January 2015, while the image below was the sea surface temperature one year ago – 28 January 2014.

screen-shot-2015-01-29-at-5-42-15-pm (1)


Of course the point of these images is not to help us decide where to take our next holiday. It’s far more sinister than that. The average global sea surface temperature – an indication of global warming – has increased dramatically (don’t believe us? Take a look at the pic below, taken from the United States Environmental Protection Agency website).

Why should you care? Because some of those coastal places you’ve dreamt of visiting might not be around much longer. Because the coral reefs you’ve always wanted to dive are at risk. Because those exquisite beaches you want to walk along will become eroded. Because some of the marine species you want to photograph may not be around for very much longer.

As beautiful as the colors on these images are to see, may they also be a reminder: be very aware – and careful – of how you tread. Every one of us makes a difference.

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