What are the highlights of a luxury yacht charter holiday in Indonesia? For many it’s the spectacular diving; for some, the adventure of sailing in a visually dramatic part of the world; it might also be the opportunity to relax, and to be pampered; or to indulge in fine dining at almost every meal. And sometimes, it’s the unexpected encounters that really stand out. Like somersaulting off a pier with a village of children.

Wherever Dunia Baru sails in Indonesia – from Komodo to the Alor Archipelago and Raja Ampat – our guests will have an opportunity to visit villages on some of the islands, and we really recommend that you head to shore and explore the streets for a while. Spend some time in the villages that make this diverse island nation so fascinating, and among people who will make you feel so very welcome.

Of course, you will have a few members of Dunia Baru’s crew with you when you go ashore and who will show you around and translate for you, but you’re likely to get more from your village visit if you take note of the following:

How to visit a village in Indonesia

1/ Make friends with the kids

When you first get to a village it’s only natural that you may feel a little uncertain about what to expect, and where to go. Different cultures and different languages can make communication difficult, but the easiest – and quickest – way to feel at ease is to engage with the children of the village. Kids are naturally curious, and love to see photographs of themselves, so ask them if they want to have their photographs taken, show them the pics, and play the fool with them. It’ll break down barriers  and pretty soon you’re likely to have a group of children who’re keen to show you around their village.


2/ Know a few words in Indonesian

With Dunia Baru’s crew around to translate for you, it’s not a necessity but it’s fun to be able to engage with people in their own language, even with just a few words. These phrases will be useful when you visit a village in Indonesia:

Mau photo? Want photo?

Nama saya Jack. My name is Jack.

Siapa nama? What is your name?

Saya dari America. I am from America.

Tidak masalah? No problem?

Take a look at this post for greetings and other useful phrases.

3/ Dress respectfully

Indonesia is a Muslim nation and while life on many islands is really laid back, dressing modestly won’t go amiss. If possible, keep bikinis and bare chests for beach days, and when you visit a village wear knee-length shorts and a T-shirt.

Visit a market in Indonesia

4/ Take some small change with you

A good way of breaking down cultural barriers is to who’s people that you are not so different from them: you’re a regular human being with regular tastes and habits. Taking along a little bit of small change for a coffee, a piece of fruit or a bottle of Coca-Cola will show the villagers that you’re not all that different from them… and it gives you the opportunity to give a little back to the community.

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