How to help Lombok


On 23 August, Dunia Baru set sail for Lombok to assist with providing vital supplies to the people of the island. Over the past month, a series of powerful earthquakes has left nearly 500 people dead and hundreds, if not thousands, of homes and buildings severely damaged.

This past weekend we delivered thousands of dollars’ worth of supplies, donated by Dunia Baru, Indo Yachts, 37 South Yachts and Black Tomato Travel, as well as friends and family, to people affected by the recent earthquakes – but assistance is still needed on the island. If you’d like to help, the following organisations are doing good work on the ground:


Red Cross Indonesia

The site is in Bahasa Indonesia but it’s pretty straightforward navigating through the donate section.


Peduli Anak

A foundation for underprivileged children, which was almost totally destroyed by the big quake. They provide a home and schooling to about 80 children.



Kopernik is an established organisation that works with poverty reduction, and has been doing a fair amount in Lombok these past few weeks.


Indonesia Aid

Indonesia Aid does a lot of work around the country, and is currently very active in Lombok.


Bumi Sehat

This not-for-profit community health organisation is usually focussed on pre-natal and post-natal care in Bali, but they have been sending teams of healthcare workers across to Lombok.


If you know of any other organisations we should include here, please do let us know via

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