Diving in Indonesia might be one of the main reasons you charter Dunia Baru – and that’s not surprising, considering our superyacht sails in the most rich and diverse marine habitats on this planet. Dunia Baru spends most of the year within the waters of the Coral Triangle, an area of 5,7-million square kilometers across the seas of the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Timor Leste, Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands. It contains 75 percent of all coral species known to science and more than 3000 species of fish… and yes, that means mind-blowing diving.

Dunia Baru is a fully equipped dive boat*, and she also carries a range of water toys that allow guests to explore and enjoy the surface of the ocean – including two jet-skis, three kayaks, a Sunfish sailing dingy, three standup paddleboards, banana boat, waterskis and three inflatable ribs.

Having these toys at your disposal opens up opportunities to add even more adventures to your holiday with Dunia Baru. You’ll be able to kayak across crater lakes, explore undisturbed beaches, jet off to take a closer look at a distant wave or small island, visit tiny island villages, and watch the sun set while you paddle across a mirror-like sea or use a rib to take you to shore so you can climb a hill and watch the sun set from there. Making use of the toys onboard Dunia Baru means that you can truly get to live the adventure and enjoy the peace that comes with being in this part of the world.


*Dive equipment on Dunia Baru includes
2 x Nuvair 16CFM seawater cooled compressors
1 x Nuvair nitrox 12.5CFM LP 280ME marine nitrox generator
36 x MU dive tanks 80cu
8 x Aqua lung regulators/BCs
All necessary wetsuits, booties, masks and fins

Dunia Baru is available for charter, and sails
in Indonesia, Thailand and Myanmar. If you’re
interested in chartering the superyacht,
please speak to your broker.

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