World Hearing Day Raja Ampat


3 March 2019 marks World Hearing Day, and Dunia Baru is proud to be assisting a team of nine doctors and two nurses who are providing free health care to three villages in Raja Ampat. The team comprises four specialists (internal medicine, neurologist, dermato-venereologist and an ENT) and five GPs; most of the Sorong-based medical team are members of the Local Committee for Prevention and Control of Hearing Impairment.

“We will be screening for middle ear infectious diseases and skin diseases, as these are common in Raja Ampat,” explained Dr Titus Taba, the ENT specialist who is heading up the effort. “Because people often use motorized boats, we may need to detect whether there is a hearing impairment due to frequent exposure to noise.”

The villages of Waisai, Batanta (where the wood for Dunia Baru’s learning centre was sourced) and Sauwandarek (where the learning center is being built) do not have established clinics. While there is a government-funded primary health care assistant who attends these villages (among others), this large team of specialists will be providing assistance at a level rarely seen in these remote parts.

“We are very proud to be a part of this effort and to be able to serve the people of Raja Ampat,” said Dunia Baru’s owner Mark Robba. “Having access to specialised health care is something so many of us take for granted, and we are happy to assist these communities by bringing this medical team to them. We look forward to being able to expand this to more communities in the future.”

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