Dunia Baru was made for adventure – and so when a group of surfers wanted to charter the superyacht for a surf trip, of course we jumped at the opportunity to to host them.

indonesia superyacht for surfers


What sets Dunia Baru apart from so many other superyachts is that we’re really flexible with the itinerary, tailoring each one to suit our client’s requests. Usually, those requests are centred on location, diving or snorkelling opportunities, and exploring beautiful places – but with this trip, it was all about finding the best waves possible and the challenge for the crew was navigating Dunia Baru through rougher seas around Sumbawa and Lombok to reach the spots that would, undoubtedly, be surfers’ paradise.

indonesia superyacht surfers


And paradise, they were. “The surfers were absolutely amazed and they had no wish unfulfilled,” said Dunia Baru’s cruise director Seb. “We were able to get them to incredible surf spots, and Dunia Baru became an oasis in which the surfers could rest and, at the end of each day, review their surf sessions.”

Photographer Damea Dorsey was on this trip with the surfers, and captured the incredible images in this post. The drone video below was created by Dunia Baru’s Seb. Surfers’ paradise, indeed…

The Dunia Baru team and crew specialises in creating
tailored itineraries for our guests, and the ultra-luxurious yacht
is available for charter in the waters of the
Komodo National Park between April and October each year.
The superyacht is a fully equipped dive boat and we
have a dive master onboard who knows the
waters of Indonesia very well. From November until February,
Dunia Baru is available for charter in Raja Ampat.
To charter Dunia Baru please email info@duniabaru.com
or speak to your broker.

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