At first sight the mysterious islands of the Komodo archipelago can be intimidating places – but what they really offer is a chance to get away from the craziness of the modern world, and to be immersed in a life of adventure and freedom.

Dappled by a stormy monsoon sky, the islands rise out of the Indonesian sea in great humpbacked ridges that are covered with windblown savannah grasses and spiked with the tousled heads of lontar palms. They rise from waters so rich with marine life that they are known to be among the best places on the planet to dive and snorkel: here, there are

more than 1000 types of fish and 260 corals.

The best time of year to sail these waters is between April and November and while Dunia Baru has existing itineraries that you can follow, we can put together an itinerary that will suit your interests and the time you have available. From walking with dragons to swimming with manta rays and relaxing on deserted beaches, we’ll make sure your holiday is so much more than you could ever imagine.

Komodo Map
Pink Beach

Forget endless white sand beaches: on Indonesia’s Komodo island there is a beach where the sand is pink. Soft, warm, rosy pink sand that gently filters into the clear Flores Sea. What makes it this color? Let’s go back to basics ... Sand comes from rocks and hard materials that are continually being broken down and on Komodo’s pink beach, the sand comes from a tiny pink-colored marine organism called foraminifera. Not into the science of a place? That doesn’t matter – the snorkeling here, in crystal waters, is pretty special.

Dragon Walk

Don’t be fooled by their seemingly docile nature: Komodo dragons, the descendants of dinosaurs, can be spectacularly aggressive ... and knowing this makes a walk through their territory a real adrenaline rush. But don’t worry; you’re well looked after on the walk and will be accompanied by guards from Komodo National Park, who will guide you through the hills and valleys of Rinca island. The views from up here are nothing short of spectacular.

Gili Lawa Darat

A calm, protected bay on Gili Lawa Darat offers the perfect place to anchor for a night – and it’s also the perfect place from which to set out on a sunset trek. After a 20-minute hike, you’ll be rewarded with the most spectacular sunset views you could ever imagine. Be sure to have your camera’s battery charged.

Takat Makassar

The corals here might be pretty ordinary, but Makassar Reef is one of the most interesting places in the Komodo archipelago – because it’s here that manta rays gather. Why they come here, we’re not quite sure; it could be a cleaning station or perhaps they find an abundance of food ... but what we do know is that this place makes for memorable diving and snorkeling and as well as mantas there’s a chance you’ll also spot turtles, white or black-tipped reef sharks and huge trevallies. You can snorkel this reef or dive; it’s a good introduction to drift diving, where you’re carried along the reef by the ocean current.

Nusa Kode

The large, coral-encrusted boulders of Nusa Kode island attract some of the biggest reef fishes that you’ll see in Komodo National Park. On your list of must-sees you’ll be able to tick gigantic potato cod, Malabar grouper and red snapper. Just as impressive as the island’s diving, is the beach wildlife-viewing: this is a really good place to see Komodo dragons on the shoreline. We’ll take you along in the rib, and you’ll get fantastic shots from the coastline of these gigantic lizards in their natural habitat.

Sokolo Bay

Tucked into the east coast of Rinca island, Sokolo Bay is a wonderfully secluded spot. Very few boats come here and our guests enjoy it for that beautiful sense of isolation, for the pretty scenery and for the interesting little village along the coast.


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