A World of Adventure Awaits

It would be difficult to find another country better suited to exploring by yacht than Indonesia. With over 17,000 islands spread across warm, turquoise waters, Indonesia is a diverse and awe-inspiring destination. Daytime temperatures average at around 30

degrees Celcius and nights are deliciously balmy. Waters are calm, dive spots are plenty and the flora and fauna is endless. Every day promises something remarkable in Indonesia - both above and below the surface of the ocean.

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    Many of Dunia Baru’s guests choose to begin or end their holiday in Bali – for good reason. It’s such a magical place, and the hotels offer levels of luxury and seclusion that are particularly hard to resist. Added to that, of course, is the the unique culture of the island that makes it such a fascinating place to spend ...
  • WOW – PALAU!

    In December and January Dunia Baru was sailing in Palau, a destination the guests – predominantly divers – absolutely loved. In fact, they were so blown away by the  underwater magnificence of the destination that on one of the charters the guests named their trip “Wow Palau”. Take a look at this video, from that trip, and we’re pretty certain you’ll ...
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    For the past five weeks or so Dunia Baru has been cruising the waters of Palau, a tiny speck of an island nation in the western Pacific Ocean. This is the first time the superyacht has explored Palau, which lies east of the Philippines and north of West Papua … and we’re pretty impressed with what we’ve seen. Not only ...