Our staff and crew take so much pride in the work that they do. We work together towards one goal: to make sure that when our guests spend time with us on Dunia Baru, they have the most outstanding, most memorable holiday of their life. We are very proud to say that we achieve this goal: the feedback that we receive from our guests is proof of this.

However, we can’t take all the credit.

Indonesia is a beautiful island nation and the landscape that surrounds our yacht – both above and below the water – certainly fuels our guests’ experiences. Time spent in the water, either diving or snorkeling, is central to almost all of our charters and we are privileged to share with guests the exquisite almost-secret coral reefs that are among the most spectacular in the world.

And so that’s why Coral Reef, a powerful video by Conservation International and narrated by Ian Somerhalder, really struck a chord with us. Coral is not just something to be enjoyed while you’re snorkeling on holiday; coral, “the nursery of the sea”, is absolutely vital to the earth’s ecosystem. Take 90 seconds out of your day to watch this video – it certainly puts a lot into perspective.

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