ASIA PACIFIC BOATING website, May 2018

At Dunia Baru we believe strongly in teamwork. From the moment the boatbuilders started to craft her hull, all the way through to now, as the crew create the experience of a lifetime for Dunia Baru’s guests – what is seen and experienced is the result of a very dedicated group of people.

As we set out to build the learning center in Raja Ampat, teamwork will once again play a big role in the realisation of this project – and so we are very  grateful to have the support of the media. A big thank you to Asia Pacific Boating for announcing our project on their website; may this learning center be the first of many in the area.

A quick word on the image that we’ve used for this post, which is the same that Asia Pacific Boating used on their website: in the photo Dunia Baru is just offshore from Saundarek, the village where the learning center will be built. The village looks pretty small from out here – and it really is. It is home to just 182 people.

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