ACTION ASIA, May/June 2018

Here at Dunia Baru we celebrate adventure. It’s in our DNA and we strive to ensure that for every guest, every day they spend with us is the holiday of a lifetime.

One of the experiences that is on so many of our guests’ bucket lists is to see a Komodo dragon, the world’s biggest lizard and a descendent of dinosaurs. Although they look docile these predators, which can weigh more than 160kg and measure more than three meters long, can get pretty aggressive, and there is still a lot that is not known about how they kill their prey. Going for a walk in their territory is certainly one adventure you will never forget.

Travel writer Mark Eveleigh, who sailed with us in the Komodo Archipelago, has interviewed world renowned dragon experts to find out more about these mysterious creatures. Take a read through his feature in the May/June 2018 issue of Action Asia magazine, and live the adventure:

Action Asia – May June 2018

Dunia Baru sails around the Komodo Archipelago between April and October each year. To find out more

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