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The learning center Dunia Baru is building in Sauwandarek village, Raja Ampat, has been in construction for just over two weeks. Our operations manager, Javan Ward, has been on site the past week or so, and sent through this update:

We’re making swift progress at the site of the learning center. We’re currently 15 days into the building process and the frame and flooring system for the main building is complete; the next stage is to finalize the flooring and install the center beams that are a primary support function, which will accelerate the build.

The quality of work is excellent; we have a team of five people from the famed Ara shipwrights of South Sulawesi who are working on the build, three of who are the original builders of Dunia Baru and have remained on crew with the superyacht since she first set sail. People from the village have been contributing to the process by being involved with providing moral support, children fetch fresh coconuts for the crew and the village has been kind enough to provide accommodation.

One of the project’s architects, Harris Kuncara who spent the first week on site working hands-on, said: “This project is special to me because of the impact it will make here in Raja Ampat. It is greatly rewarding to create a center that will give back making a difference in education and conservation in the region.”

“It is a unique project because it fuses modern design standards with traditional Papuan styles of building,” he added. “We have stayed true to the region by using locally sourced materials from the nearby village of Batanta.”

The constant buzz of excitement in the village is growing as the project progresses. Many of the villagers have befriended the Dunia Baru crew mates, who spend leisure time in the village playing volleyball and chatting with the people who live here; children from Sauwandarek visit Dunia Baru, which is at anchor at Sauwandarek, via their makeshift kayaks. There is a very special and remarkable bond between this luxury superyacht and the people who live in this remote, beautiful region.

learning center in raja ampat
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